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Challenge your beliefs

In my 18 years as a British Army Physical Training Instructor and now as a Director of the outdoor training club, Military 1st Fitness and gym, Performax Fitness, I have consistently found that the limiting factor in most people is mental.

My business is about driving change at an individual and group level through personal training, motivational speaking and team building experiences. My passion for physical fitness has helped me overcome setbacks, including serious injury. The physical and mental rewards of fitness are immense and you can have them.

Secure your confidence

I know how hard to push a person and how they react to new challenges. I know when a person is tired or trying too hard. I know when to pull it back, revisit achievements and secure confidence. A confident person is not afraid to take the next step.

This is where I want all my clients to be.

Move forward

I am very approachable! I am always happy to sit down with you and chat about your goals. Everyone starts somewhere and it is my job to build a programme that is personal, engaging and pushes you hard. Whether you are a super unfit person or a performance athlete, my training demands commitment, focus and a willingness to try new approaches. Contact me today about personal or group training or to book me for motivational speaking.

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