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Yes. You. Every last drop.

Personal training is personal. I enjoy developing the fitness of an unfit person as much as a performance athlete. Personal training is only part of the fitness jigsaw, but it provides the structure, new ideas, encouragement and personal support that will make all your training more effective.

My style is to bottom out your mentality and constantly adjust my programmes to drain every last drop of effort from you. You will learn how to perform all aspects of training and to perform exercises in a controlled and purposeful way to develop core strength and stay injury free.

My programmes are flexible - some clients like the occasional six week kick start program, others have been with me every week for years. I tailor my coaching to match the fitness level and intensity a client can handle.

I use my gym, Performax Fitness for indoor training, the fantastic surroundings of Harrogate and North Yorkshire for outdoor circuits, running, road and mountain biking as well as PT swim coaching at our super town pool.

Take another look

Making changes to your lifestyle and re-evaluating your training habits is essential for fitness success. Sometimes athletes only discover this when they are injured and are forced to adapt their training. It is amazing how many runners only run and then wonder why their performance is on a permanent plateau!

Power is key

Power lifting is an excellent way to build overall strength and you will see the benefit weighted squats bring to your running. I focus on technique, speed and strength depending on my client's goals. This is the kind of strength and conditioning work that is hard to do without initial coaching but one that you can master through personal training.

Reaction ready

Both women and men benefit greatly from boxfit sessions and sometimes welcome the opportunity to hit back!

Boxfit develops power, speed and cardiovascular fitness. It's a great way for clients to try something new and get out of any negativity that has slipped in. I also coach trained boxers, my most recent being female.