coaching from experience.

in a team
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Achieve more together

Some people think of teams and think of sacrifice and frustration. Others breathe a sigh of relief and take a back seat.

I don't dress it up as easy. Working together takes time.

I know from my substantial army operational experiences that teams emerge from sharing complexity, uncertainty and sometimes, fear. Team work is watching someone else's back and trusting someone to watch yours.

My team building expertise is about accelerating your 'time to team'.

accelerate your team

coaching from experience

Tried and tested military techniques

I have a vast experience of designing, building and delivering diverse and challenging tasks to focus both physical and mental cooperation under pressure and on time. I deliver both small group and corporate team building experiences at a fantastic, purpose built, outdoor venue and shorter sessions on Harrogate Stray. I work with a small team of former military colleagues to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of our training.

We use our natural surroundings to create demanding assault courses and introduce often unfamiliar, skills such as kayaking into our experiences, as a way to break down barriers and give individuals space to develop an unforced commitment to each other that will last beyond the course. An effective and engaging team building technique sets relatively easy physical tasks with a high problem solving component.

Harrogate Stray Team Building

I, and my business partner, Paul Garden, run group training and team building sessions using the superb outdoor space in Harrogate. Sessions involve working together to transport logs, jerry cans and other equipment from one location to another. Sessions can serve the purpose of training your team for assault course races such as The Yorkshire Warrior. Coaching includes rope climbing, crawling under electrified wire and strength and conditioning circuits. All training is led by current and former military Physical Training Instructors.

Yorkshire Boot Camps

Military 1st Fitness runs both day and overnight boot camps set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. Assault courses, self-defence, problem solving, raft building are just a few of the experiences. Boot camp is not all training! Open fires, wood burners, excellent food and a friendly atmosphere make our boot camps exceptional experiences. Boot camp dates 2016 to be confirmed - you are welcome to join us.

Please contact me for further information and to register your interest for 2016.

Corporate Boot Camp Tenerife 2016

Next year I am expanding my Team Building experiences to include a week boot camp in Tenerife. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience team building in a super outdoor environment with professional leadership and tightly run schedules.

Boot Camp Tenerife 2016 is in the early planning stage and this is a good time to register your interest and discuss your particular requirements and goals.